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PROJECT TYPE - Apartment

Olympic Tower Residence

Olympic Tower Residence

Embarking on a comprehensive transformation, this project involves the full-scale renovation of a 2-bedroom apartment nestled within the iconic Olympic Towers in the heart of New York City. The bathrooms and powder room will undergo a meticulous overhaul, promising a modern and luxurious update. The focal point of the residence will be a tailor-made kitchen featuring Galaxy Glass fronts, seamlessly integrated built-in units, and other bespoke cabinetry, harmonizing functionality and aesthetics.

To elevate the overall design, custom stone work and precise tile installations will be implemented, ensuring a refined and cohesive aesthetic throughout the space. Adding a touch of contemporary elegance, in-house metal reveals with a custom finish will be strategically incorporated, contributing to the unique character of each room. This project seeks to redefine the apartment's identity, marrying sophistication with functionality to create a stylish and personalized living space within the iconic Olympic Towers.

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